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Diary of a Madwoman

Being the Tale of an Irish Female

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What can I say? Put simply, I'm a 22 year old Arts student from Ireland; but I'm a lot more complicated than that!

I am absolutely crazy about films - good films, that is. I adore watching behind the scenes featurettes. I would love to work in the film industry but that's probably never going to happen seeing as there isn't much on offer in this country in that respect and I can't afford to go abroad. Geoffrey Rush is (currently, and probably always) my favourite actor - I would love to see him in a theatre performance!

I love to express myself artistically - whether it be in written form, or artistic forms (drawing, painting, jewellery making), or occasionally in musical form.

I love languages and all the many various, and amazing sounds that they create. I can speak Irish (Gaelic) relatively well - I think that it can be an incredibly beautiful language. I also speak French, a language which I adore.